Planned features for coming releases

empower docs 8.3 and following

Here is an overview of coming features of the first release of empower docs for the empower 8 architecture.  At the end of each quarter, we will publish a new release of empower docs. The list below details features that will be implemented next. Only features that have been completely finalized and approved by Quality Control will be included in the release.

Planned features in next release

  • Libraries for document templates, and text content blocks will enable easy access to and management of content that conforms to corporate design
  • Definable folder structure and rights management for optimal provision of content to corporate divisions, departments, and individual users, as well as to support procedures and workflows.
  • Full text search to easily find templates and content blocks
  • Intelligent synchronization & caching provide lightning quick access to content, ensure offline availability, and minimize data traffic.
  • Flexible & freely configurable data model for structured information for companies, locations and users that can be extended to measure and set up to automatically synchronize with external data sources (e.g. Active Directory).
  • Automatic & dynamic filling of legal binding information, logos and structured data of company, location or user profiles in different languages will dramatically reduce the number of required templates that offers best possible flexibility with the support of a simple script language.
  • Auto-updates of documents with structured data will ensure that information is always up to date.
  • Multiple profiles per user will simplify delegated correspondence and enable fast change between different roles
  • Corporate Design productivity tools (selection of fonts, sizes, and colors) and quick access to the most important Word features as established in a user survey.

Additional features we will implement next:

  • Autonomous designs for documents allow to apply corporate designs to documents automatically.
  • Extended support for managed population of documents by users (“Form Assistant”).
  • Integration of external media and image databases allows access to existing image libraries directly in empower.
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