Planned features for coming releases

empower charts 8.3 and following

Here is an overview of coming features (as from version 8.2). There are 3 releases planned for 2020 (approx. in mid-May, beginning of September, and mid-November). The list below details features that will be implemented next. Only features that have been completely finalized and approved by Quality Control will be included in the release.

Planned features in next release

  • Automatic coloring: if required, charts or individual series can automatically receive the same coloring from Excel cells, or automatically display negative values in another color.
  • Hidden Excel regions are supported. This way, columns and rows can be hidden in linked Excel sheets as well as the mini Excel so that they will not be displayed in the chart.
  • Auto-growth of linked Excel regions: as long as the source data is formatted as an Excel table, the linked region will grow and shrink automatically
  • Auto-breaks: a chart will automatically calculate and insert sensible breaks
  • Individual formatting of category axis: on a category axis (X-axis using a standing bar chart), individual values can be formatted differently. This is not possible when using native PowerPoint charts.
  • Flexible Customizing: upon request, a flexible customizing can be activated. empower charts will then apply colors and fonts of the current PPT master.
  • Automatic customizing selection: when using empower charts with multiple customizings.
  • Chart conversion: we are working on conversion logics to convert charts that have been created using other products.
  • Excel links for tables and shapes: any tables or shapes can be linked to regions of Excel sheets. This way, reports can be conveniently automated.
  • Breaks and arrows on secondary axis will be possible.
  • Inverted bar charts (from right to left, or top to bottom) will be possible
  • Performance improvements upon first selection of chart.

There are many additional features in the pipeline. Details and order of development are still to be determined.

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