Planned features (Win)

empower slides 8.3 and following

Here is an overview of coming features (as from version 8.2). At the end of each quarter, we will publish a new release of empower slides. The list below details features that will be implemented next. Only features that have been completely finalized and approved by Quality Control will be included in the release.

Planned features in next release

  • Auto Discovery of the Sync: when users work in different parts of the world, the empower Sync will automatically recognize which end points are available, and will connect to one closest to the user’s geographic location. This offers more flexibility to your IT who can set up additional end points without the need up updating clients. Users who travel frequently will benefit from even better performance.
  • DAM integration: any DAM system can be integrated. If required, royalty free images from the image platform Unsplash can be accessed directly in empower.
  • Single user installer: empower slides can be installed as a single user edition without admin rights.
  • Auto updater: empower slides can now be updated automatically. The user will receive a notification which will ask if the new version of empower should be downloaded. Afterward PowerPoint is required to be restarted
  • Optimal DPI support: scenarios with multiple monitors and different zoom levels have been improved.
  • Improvements for “Protect charts”: The feature Protect charts now uses vector-based charts to best display protected charts.
  • Extended rights for editors: authorization for all roles can be adapted, i.e. to allow editors to also set up, edit and delete folders. To implement this, a central setting and restart of the backend are required.
  • Optimized empower search: the Google-esque full text search is now even more advanced in order to identify the most relevant results even better

Additional features we will implement next:

  • Language Links of slides and presentations: it is now possible in empower to link slides and presentations in different languages. In doing so the user will be notified if content of a slide in one language has been updated.
  • Large previews: it is possible to display large preview images of content in the empower library.
  • Offline availability of individual folders: for each folder, a user can decide if they require it to be available offline. In addition, admins can set particular folders to be available to all users by default.
  • Drag & drop: slides within a presentation and elements between folders can be moved via drag & drop.
  • Presentation & Image importer: it is possible to set up an automated import of presentations, images and videos from selected folders.
  • Save button: in addition to the Save as button, it will also be possible to update an item in the library with a single click.
  • empower Link: it will be possible to access items in the library via direct links. In addition, a link can be implemented on a slide the reference another slide in the library.
  • Insert statistics: each element will receive a counter to display how often users have inserted an item has been inserted, and when it has been used.
  • Expiry date: it is possible to set an expiry date for element. After the date has passed, the element will be automatically removed from the library.
  • Delete Update: when a slide is deleted, the user can decide whether to send a delete update to all linked copies, or not.

There are many additional features in the pipeline. Details and order of development are still to be determined.

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