Editing chart data

Embedded Excel® table

Similar to editing a standard PowerPoint® chart, you can edit the data of the chart with the aid of an embedded Excel® table.

Click on the action point labeled Data in the action bar above the chart and then on Edit data.

The embedded Excel® table will open as you are used to from native PowerPoint® behavior. You can now edit, add and remove data, as well as select the corresponding sections. Alternatively, you can also instantly open the Excel® table by performing a double click on the chart in order to edit its contents.

Sort data

Regardless whether you access the data for your chart from an external Excel® source or not, you have the possibility to sort the data ascending or descending, as well as invert the sorting by clicking on the action point “Data” and then “Sort data”. The chart will automatically adapt accordingly.

In addition it is possible to set the sorting of the empower chart’s data rows by row or column of the embedded Excel® table.

The current setting is always pre-selected, as is shown in this example. If required, you can switch the orientation of the data rows with a single click on by Columns. The data rows will then be displayed accordingly.

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