Waterfall chart

Adding a waterfall chart is performed similar to other empower charts, however its data entry differs slightly. In an Excel® table an “X” is entered into the column that is to correspond to the sum of data of the previous data (in previous columns). In addition, it is also possible to set the direction of your waterfall chart. This way waterfall charts can also be set up in reverse. To change the direction of your chart, simply click on the Data button in the action bar, then click on either Left to right or Right to Left. For horizontal waterfall charts you have the options Bottom to top and Top to bottom.

You can also display multiple waterfalls after one another. To add a new waterfall within a chart, click Data in the Action Bar and select Edit Data. In the corresponding cell of the Excel® table enter the keyword “<new>”. The new waterfall chart will then begin at the next column while the sum starts at zero.

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