Corporate Design Check

In Corporate Design Check you can set all options for the empower Design Check.


Here you can set, if elements are only able to be saved to the empower library after a successful design check. Please set to On to activate this  feature.


This way, you avoid that employees upload content that does not conform to corporate design. Please note: This setting will only allow the upload of CD conforming content. You will no longer be able to upload content of clients with this setting activated.

When opening or saving presentations, you can also perform a design check with the aid of the following settings. The automated design check does not obstruct saving, opening or closing of presentations.

If Design Check on Save is toggled on, Design Check will launch automatically once a presentation is saved to the library. If a presentation contains CD violations, you will receive a notification to the right of the save dialogue.  

If Design Check on Open is activated, Design Check will launch automatically once a presentation is opened. Here, you will also be notified accordingly if the presentation contains CD violations.

In addition, you have the ability to define the parameters of Design Check for each individual Design:

  • Title placeholder
  • Logo protection
  • Layout protection
  • Fonts
  • Font sizes
  • Font colors
  • Fill colors
  • Line colors
  • Colors of numbering items
  • Style of numbering items


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