As an administrator you have the possibility to save multiple designs. A corporate design can be assigned to one or more masters and contains predefined colors, fonts, and one or several agenda templates. You can also optionally create a template folder for each respective corporate design.

If you have a master in 4:3 and 16:9 formats, you can also set two designs in order to use two different agenda templates and text elements. If you use different brands in your company, you can also set a different design for each brand and master.

A design is active when a master used is connected to it. For example, in “Fonts and Colors” in the empower ribbon, only the fonts, sizes and colors that have been approved for this design are displayed. The agenda editor will also only provide those layouts that have previously been set for this design. If specific folders in the template library have been allocated to this design, they will also be automatically displayed in the template folders of the Quick Access bar. Design Check will examine each slide according to the guidelines of the selected design.

In “Settings” and then “Designs”, you will find an overview of all corporate designs saved in empower.


Here you can edit existing designs, delete some, or create new designs. Pease keep in mind that if you delete a design, you also delete all folders in the template library that are connected to it. The same is true if individual template folders are deselected in the design. Settings for colors, fonts, and font sizes can be set in the respective section of each design.

To create a new design, the best way is to save the underlying master to the library as you usually would by clicking “Save in Library”. After selecting the destination folder on the left, to which the master is to be saved, and then provide an appropriate name for the design. Confirm by clicking “OK”. Afterward, you will be asked to make further settings to the master. For details, please refer to chapter Apply master.

Click “Apply” and a further window will open in which you can assign a master to a design. Select the desired design and click “Assign”. If you select a design from the drop-down menu, you will assign it to an already existing design. If you want to create a new design, click “+”.


You can now assign a name to the design and set if and which corporate design template folders are to be created for this particular design. Select the folders you require – e.g. slide templates. In the template library, the “Slide Templates” folder will then contain a subfolder with the title of the design. You also may set if the colors, fonts, and font sizes of the master are to be directly adopted by the new design.


Afterwards, the newly created design will be available for use and you can assign it to a particular master.

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