Startup and Master

In “Startup and Master” you can configure how PowerPoint® acts upon opening, saving masters, or concerning offline mode.



If you select the option “Force master selection at startup” a window opens that prompts you to choose a master deposited in empower before PowerPoint® opens. In other words: PowerPoint® can only be opened with a centrally approved master template. This has the advantage that empower users are now unable to create new presentations from blank masters that are not conform to corporate design. This is the reason why this setting is selected by default. To avoid having to select a master every time you start PowerPoint® you can set a master as a default template. You can find instructions in chapter Default Template.

If the option “Force master selection at startup” is deactivated, PowerPoint® will open with a blank template.

The following options allow you to set to which section of the library masters can be saved. In general, masters can only be save to the master templates folder of the template library – provided the user has appropriate rights to do so. The first option enables the saving of masters to the company library, with the second option you authorize saving masters in the user library.


Show Header- and Footerfields in Presentation Settings allows you to display header and footer settings for their respective fields in Presentation Settings, which can be accessed via the empower menu. If this function is deactivated, Presentation Settings only allow you to set the language of the current presentation.


In “Offline” you can set in which mode empower is to start up. Generally, in the first option you can set, whether empower is to start in offline or online mode. Select “On” to make empower always start up in offline mode. This option is especially useful if your intranet is working to capacity. empower will then only work locally in offline mode and will only require a network connection to synchronize with the empower database. empower will otherwise start up in “online mode”.


If the Restore offline/online mode is active, empower will select the offline/online status in accordance to the previous sitting. Thus, if you worked in offline mode in the last sitting empower will also open in offline mode the next time. If this setting is active, the setting for the first option will only be used for the first start-up of empower. More information on offline mode can be found in chapter Offline Mode.


With the third option, you are also able to set that all folders of the company library are to be made usable offline to all users. Administrators of the individual subfolders can, however, overwrite this setting. Further information on permissions can be found in chapter Permissions.




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