Customizing of agenda

In “empower Customizing” you can add new agendas to empower, edit existing agendas and delete old items.


To adapt an existing agenda, select the desired agenda by clicking “empower Customizing”, “Agenda”, and “Download”. empower will then add the agenda template on which your agenda is based into the currently opened presentation.

The first element without highlighting defines all agenda points on the first level that will not be discussed in a presentation; they will however still be contained in the presentation.

The second element with highlighting defines the agenda point on the first level that is currently used in a presentation and is usually highlighted in color.

The sub-element without highlight defines all sub points of an agenda that are currently not selected. Lastly, the sub element with highlighting defines the sub point that is currently used and is usually highlighted in color.


In addition, spaces for numbering, page numbers, and – regarding agenda points on the first level – the space indicating duration and speaker, are defined individually for every element. The title of the agenda is also able to be adapted.

All these spaces are text boxes that can be changed to your requirements. For example, font colors can be altered and other fields can receive a different fill color. Keep in mind that under no circumstances should you compile groupings of several elements. This would lead to a deletion of important information connected to the fields, which would result in the agenda not working properly. Even subsequent ungrouping will be unable to reverse this effect. In addition, fields should not be deleted, even if you do not require them.

After all adjustments have been completed, you may upload the adapted agenda template. To do so, you need to select the agenda. In “Upload”, you can now overwrite the existing agenda.

A window will open in which you can provide a new name for the agenda, should you not want to retain the old name. In addition, you are able to assign a design to the agenda.


If you leave out this step, this agenda will be available to all empower users, regardless of the current design. Underneath you can give the agenda a name, if you no longer wish to keep the old one. The “Description“ field contains technical information which you should neither edit nor delete. If we now click “OK” the agenda will be saved in empower.

 In the Agenda Editor, you can now compile an agenda in the new design.


If you upload the agenda template via “Add New an additional agenda will be created in empower. In “Delete”, you can remove unused agendas. Keep in mind that this cannot be reversed.



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