empower’s label function allows you to assign a label to any element in the library for which you at least have editor rights. The label will then be displayed directly on the element in library view. This function will improve working on presentations with multiple users.

If you work with several colleagues on a presentation, you can mark every slide with responsibilities for working on it. To do so, select the desired slides, right-click on them, and in “Collaboration” click “Add Label”.

A menu will open in which you can type in the desired label or select one from a list. Here the ten most recent labels will be displayed.


After clicking “Add”, the label will be added to the selected slides.


Much in contrast to the common practice of marking slides with Post-Its, you can now read notes at a glance in the library. You are completely free at what you set as a label. You could also set labels such as “Update Data” or tags such as “Draft”. This information is then made visible to all empower users. To change a label, right-click on an element and select “Edit label”. To delete a label, click “Delete label”.

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