Version History

The “Version History“ function allows access to older versions of a slide. The Update Center shows the user which version of a slide is saved on which path, as well as what update behavior is set for each version. Version History, on the other hand, is solely concerned with all individual versions of a selected slide, and it is also able to restore any desired version, even if it is no longer saved within the library.


A right-click on a slide in the library will show a detailed version history. All versions of the slide are listed on the left-hand side, including its date of creation, time, as well as creator of the slide. The first result is always that most current version, which is also marked as “(current)”.

A preview of the selected slide is displayed on the right-hand side. If you select “Show differences to the current version” all changes to the current slide are displayed visually.

Select “Restore” and the selected version will be restored and saved as the most current version. To insert this slide into your presentation, select “Insert”. If you select “Keep Master” the slide will be inserted into the presentation with the underlying master it was saved with within the library.

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