Create a folder structure

Before you create a folder structure for your company library, you should think about a sensible way of how the content accessed by your employees should be structured. Recommendations and tips can be found in chapter Layout of folder structure Best Practice.

Once you have decided on a suitable folder structure you can begin with its implementation. To create a new folder in your library you need to open the library viewer by clicking the “Library” button. Select the area where you want your new folder located (company library, user library or corporate design templates) and click “New Folder” at the bottom left.

Empower will now create a new folder in the selected area. To change its name, you are required to select the folder on the right side of the dialog box and then click on “Rename” at the bottom left. After entering the new name, confirm this change with “Enter”.


To delete a folder, select the corresponding folder from the right side of the dialog box and then click “Delete”.

There is also another way to delete and rename folders. You can also select the corresponding folder with a right-click in the folder structure on the left-hand side of the dialog box. You can then perform the required action.

Please bear in mind that deleting a folder also deletes all content within this folder, including subfolders.

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