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empower 7.9

empower 7.9

New Features



  • It is now possible to configure an agenda to hide agenda slides if no content slides are between the previous agenda slide and the next highlight slide.
  • It is now possible to show only one highlight decoration at a time.



  • Videos were removed from the setup and can be installed seperately.
  • .Net Framework was removed from the setup an replaced with the web installer.
  • We removed some code which could possible affect the startup performance.

Bugs & Improvements


  • Design Check did not find violations in table cells.
  • In specific Office versions Excel crashed if data was displayed for charts.


  • After an Office 2016 update PowerPoint crashed if specific properties of charts shapes were programmatically accessed and then the user wanted to edit the data.
  • If the transparency had a negative value, the corporate design check did not find violations in charts
  • Spelling error in German Design Check corrected.
  • Improvements to the presentation importer to prevent the Garbage Collector to collect presentations before the are completely saved.
  • Intelligent slide size switch somes did not perform as expected.
  • Master could not be saved if some shapes were unable to be accessed. This could happen when the noSelect option is set using OpenXML. empower now notifies the user with a message box.


  • Spell checking language can now also be changed for shapes with multiple langugages.
  • Sometimes presentations could not be opened.
  • Apply Format did not insert text elements if more thant 5 bullet levels were defined.


  • PowerPont did not react after swapping grouped shapes.
  • If a default theme was present, the default empower master did not work.


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