Getting a new PC with empower professional - What should I pay attention to?

All data of the empower user library is saved locally in the empower professional edition. If you are just before a reinstallation of your PC or you are getting a new PC, you can do the following to back up and restore the empower user library.


Synchronization / Backup of the Windows User Profile

Since the empower user library is stored in the Windows user profile, IT can set up a general backup or synchronization of the profile folders. In this way, on the one hand, the data would be available on each PC on which the user logs on and, on the other hand, the profile data would also be restored to a new PC.


Manual backup of the empower user library

To save the empower user library manually before a PC change, etc., the file empower.sdf can be copied and saved from the path %localappdata%\Made in Office\empower\. This file can then be dropped back to the new system to restore the user library.


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