Initial setup

This section explains important steps for the initial setup of empower docs.

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User profile Default Location Menu Language



User profile

When you run empower docs for the first time, a window will automatically open to display your profile data as it was entered in your company’s Active Directory. This window will only open if your profile has not been set up yet. If required you are able to adapt these entries.

For later alterations, you can access your profile via Manage Profiles. For details see chapter 2.3.2 Editing profile data.


This window will automatically display all relevant information sourced from the Active Directory. You have the possibility to manually add missing information, for example, you can complete sender information and the specification of your department if it was entered in the Active Directory.



Default Location

As soon as all information has been completely entered, you will need to select your primary location. This will automatically enter your profile information once you open a document template (in order for this to work, you will need to be in online mode). It is therefore advisable to select a location from which you will send the bulk of letters. The selected location will determine which footer and sender information will be displayed in the document. To set your default location, please click on the location picker at the bottom of the profile editing window.

Important notice: By default, empower docs will start up in offline mode, in order to minimize server traffic. You may be unable to select your default location at this point. Please save your profile without selecting your location and change to online mode by clicking on Work Offline in the empower docs menu.

If you do not set a default location, empower docs will ask you to do so once you open a template from the template library.

In this case, you may select a location from the list provided, once you click OK. A user is unable to open a template without selecting a location from which the letter is to be sent.



Menu Language

The help button to the far right in the empower docs menu allows you to change the language of the empower docs interface.

By default, the language of empower docs is the same as the installation language of your Microsoft Office® version. If you prefer a different language than this default setting, you can choose from nine alternative languages. To change the menu language, simply click on Switch empower docs Language.

A selection window will open from which you may select the desired language. You will need to completely restart Word® for the change to take effect.

The empower docs Help button also allows you to send feedback or report problems. Once you click Send Feedback, a window for a new email with your email client will open which is already addressed to the appropriate recipient. All you need to do is specify the issue incl. screenshots and other attachments, and send off the email.

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