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2.3.3 Language variations

Each user has the possibility to provide translations of their profile data, such as for their name, title or department, e.g. the German name Müller can be displayed as Mueller when switching to English. To add a new language version of your profile, simply click on the "+" -symbol in the editing window of your profile.


A copy of the first line, the default profile, is made - simply adapt the required fields. As soon as a further language version of a profile has been created, the first line is the equivalent of US English. Select the desired language from the dropdown menu on the far left. The languages available are those that have been implemented in the database.


Once you have made all the desired changes, save the settings by clicking OK. To delete a language version of your profile, simply select it and click on the "-" -symbol.


Once a profile has been inserted onto the template, the languages available are prescribed by the selected Location - regardless how many language versions of the profile have been created. All changes to your profile data, including all language versions of your profile are saved to the database. This way all users have access to these changes when they search for and add an edited Profile.

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