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2.3.2 Editing profile data

If required, you are able to adjust your profile data. To do so, select the profile you wish edit from the list and then click on the pen symbol at the bottom of the window.


A further window with entry fields will open - identical to that which appears when you open documenter for the first time. Here all data that has been entered in the Active Directory has already been inserted. If required you are able to adapt these entries.


A synchronization with the Active Directory in regular intervals will keep your profile data up to date. Once you edit a field manually, documenter will regard this modification as the most current data and will no longer synchronize this field. At no time will any modification of the fields be written back to the Active Directory.

Each field with a highlighted AD represents a field with an established connection to the Active Directory. This will allow a change in the Active Directory to be synchronized with the corresponding field in documenter. Click the button to reset it to the value entered in your company's Active Directory. Doing so will load the original data from the Active Directory, however any local changes made to the field via the documenter client will be overwritten and may have to be re-entered. A non-highlighted AD button delineates that there is no entry in the Active Directory, the field is therefore not linked with the corresponding field in the Active Directory, and the data has been entered manually. Clicking a non-highlighted AD button will delete the field's entry. You will be asked to confirm both kinds of resets.

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