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2.1 Template library

The template library provides you access to your company’s document library. Access it by clicking Templates.


Its folder arrangement has been constructed in congruence with Microsoft®’s Windows Explorer with folders and subfolders. With a folder selected, you can click on the arrow at the bottom of its pane to add a description if required, such as what content is to be placed into the folder. Once you have selected a folder, its contents will be shown on the right. Every document can be supplemented with metadata such as author, date created, and how often it has been used companywide. This information is displayed at the bottom of the window.




Similarly to Microsoft® Explorer’s sorting options, you are able to sort your template library content by different criteria:

  • filename
  • last change
  • author
  • usage

A double click on the item or clicking “Open” will open the template for editing.


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