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4.4 General update settings

Each item that is connected to other items in the update union can be individually set how it is to deal with updates – granted you have the required permissions. A right-click in the link symbol in the item preview opens a menu in which update messages can be configured.




By default, an item only receives update notifications from its predecessor. If the original element is regarded as the mother element and every copy is a child element, then this setting merely permits the child element receiving updates from the mother element, but not the other way around.

If the setting “show all available updates” is selected this element will receive an update notification no matter which item in the update union has been altered. This setting would thus also permit the mother element to receive updates from its child elements.

It is also possible to set that an element receives no (temporary) updates that are displayed. This element will then not receive notifications from the update union, however it will still send notifications to other elements should it have been altered. The update notification can be reactivated at any time by selecting one of the previously mentioned functions.

The setting “Remove from update union” completely removes that element from the update union, which means all links to other elements are disconnected. As a result, update notifications for this element are neither sent nor received. The element is now an independent object that has a new ID and time stamp.


CAUTION! Once an item is removed from the update union, it cannot be added back to it. You will then need to create a new copy of the mother element. This option is advisable, for example, if presentations or slides are to be retained in their form for archiving or documentation purposes.

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