How do I install empower professional?

After the customizing process you will receive an installation package that contains the actual empower client including the predefined library content.

The installation can be executed manually or via software distribution (silent installation).

Installing manually:

In order to install empower professional manually, please execute the following steps.

  1. Execute the Client-Setup (empower.exe)
  2. Choose the installation directory (1)
  3. Click on the "Install" Button (2)


  4. Click on the "Close" Button to close the Setup-Window
  5. Start PowerPoint
  6. Please choose the directory for the shared Company Library in the dialog "Define Central Library Location" and define a password for your library.



Installation via software distribution:

Please execute a manual installation first, in order to define the location for your shared Company Library and to store the library under that directory. After that you can execute the empower Professional Setup with the following setup parameters.


Executes the empower installation

Example: empower.exe /install


Can be used to install empower without any user interaction (UI).

Example: empower.exe /install /silent


Can be used to define the location for the shared Company Library.

Example: empower.exe /install /silent /SHAREDPROFESSIONALREMOTEDATAFILEPATH=”S:\Software\empower”


Executes the uninstall process of empower.

Example: empower.exe /uninstall

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