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2.14 Design Check

“Design Check” inspects your entire presentation to ensure that it is conform to CD. To run the feature, simply click the “Design Check” button.




“Design Check” lists every noncompliance to corporate design on the right-hand side. Here font colors, fillers, and fonts are checked. In addition, empower also assesses whether the most current master template in the library was used.




Each noncompliance is listed by category. This enables you to see which fonts were mistakenly used. If you click on a listing, empower automatically opens the slide and the item with which the problem occurred.

Similar mistakes are grouped together. A grouping of mistakes helps you to select all errors at once and quickly replace the font color or size. To do so you simply click on the correct font size and click “Apply”.



Concerning title placeholders, non-compliances are displayed per master, should you use multiple masters in a single presentation. By clicking “Auto Correction” all titles are adapted to the master in terms of font, font color, font size, and their position.

Design Check also reveals problems where elements jut into the free space of the logo or protrude outside the defined layout. A click on the entry will select all offending elements and you are then able to move them back into the approved layout area.

If wrong bullets are found, you can select the correct bullet from a drop-down list. Here all bullets are presented that are approved in the master of this design.

Once all issues have been resolved, “Design Check” will confirm that no incongruities with corporate design are contained in your presentation.



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