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2.8 Agenda Editor

The Agenda Editor assists you in creating agenda and chapter pages that provide your presentation necessary structure.



After you have launched the Agenda Editor you are able to type all points in your agenda and by hitting “Enter” add them to the list at the bottom.


It is possible to add duration and speaker to every point of the agenda, for example, when the presentation is created for a workshop.




Furthermore, agenda points can be converted to sub items by moving the outline level of an item right or left.





To change the order of items you can simply do so via drag & drop. You can use the labelled button at the bottom.




A tip for experts: It is also possible to indent and move items with the keyboard. To do so keep Control pressed and use the arrow key for left and right in order to move the levels. Press Control and the arrow keys for up and down to move an agenda point. In order to navigate in between points just use the arrow key for up and down.

To delete an existing agenda point, click on the “Delete” symbol on the far right. Empower will then ask if possible sub items and their corresponding slides are also to be deleted. Please note that the deletion of chapters and their corresponding slides cannot be reversed.




After you have entered all agenda points, you can decide whether you require a synopsis page. This page will be added to the very front of your presentation, and none of the agenda items will be highlighted.

Additionally, you can choose if you wish to have agenda pages for your sub items, provided you added any. You are also able to choose if sub items are viewable on the agenda slides or merely at the respective agenda item. Furthermore, you can select if you want page numbers to be displayed on the agenda, or not.




Finally, you are also able to select an agenda layout if several are available, and you can provide a title for your agenda.




Once you have clicked “Create Agenda” empower automatically generates agenda slides. You are of course able to implement these into your presentation and move them within the presentation at any time.

In presenter view, all agenda pages are linked with one another. This enables you to jump between any agenda item during a presentation.

Should you want to make changes to your agenda, please always do so using the Agenda Editor. All you have to do is make a modification and empower automatically updates all agenda slides. Although agenda slides are normal PowerPoint® slides, you should not make any changes outside the agenda function of empower. The Agenda Editor intelligently utilizes all changes: Should you want to change the order, for example, change the order of two agenda items and your whole presentation is automatically adapted.

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