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2.5 Layout Tools

Empower layout tools assist you in uniformly designing your PowerPoint® presentations. You can easily and accurately align objects on the slides within the so-called “Working Area”.




The “Working Area” in the master is defined with a textbox in the master layout. It delineates the area in which a whole multitude of different content can be inserted into the slide – of course, this does not affect header and footer.

Using the following three buttons items can be adapted to the size of the “Working Area” with just one click; either by height, width or to the surface of the “Working Area”.




The “Alignbuttons provide the usual PowerPoint® functions and align two objects with each other. Click them a second time and both items will be aligned with the corresponding edge of the “Working Area”. Should you want to align just one object, select it and it will be aligned with the edge of the “Working Area” with the first click.

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